About Last Night - Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock makes her podcast debut for an amazing one on one chat with Adam Ray! From prepping for her role in The Blind Side, to the worlds of motherhood, to why she won’t sing karaoke, to her naked scene with Ryan Reynolds, getting motor boated by Adam in The Heat, and takes some fan questions! It’s an incredibly fun & candid interview with one of the sweetest and most talented people on the planet!

About Last Night - Todd Glass

The AMAZING Todd Glass drops by the podcast to talk about how he got started in comedy, what makes a good comedy club/experience, his new comedy special "Act Happy", coming out, and a TON of other great topics! Follow him on TWITTER @ToddGlass and follow the rest of the pod @ALNPodcast, @FunnyBrad, and @AdamRayCome

About Last Night - Adam Ray and Brad Williams


Brad & Adam discuss Taylor Swift, puppy love, new stories from Adam's UNIVERSAL STUDIOS days, and play a new game called "gay porn titles" or "squirt gun names." It's a hilarious & fun hang with your favorite Jew/Dwarf combo! Enjoy this episode, follow them on Instagram @adamraycomedy, @bradwilliamscomic, @alnpodcast, and see all their tour dates at wwww.adamraycomedy.com & www.bradwilliamscomedy.com

About Last Night - Preacher Lawson

The hilarious Preacher Lawson makes his ALN DEBUT to talk about what he was like growing up, (briefly) being homeless and living with a crack addict, his amazing journey on "America's Got Talent", his vegan cooking show, and SO much more! Check out Preacher's YouTube channel and follow everybody on TWITTER @Preacher Lawson, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night - Todd Barry

The great Todd Barry makes his ALN debut to talk about his crowd work special, starting comedy in NYC, watching Adam sing karaoke at an Applebees, and more! He’s one of the best in the game, and that’s why this episode is an ALN classic 😊 Enjoy, laugh & share, and follow the guys on Instagram @toddbarry, @alnpodcast, @adamraycomedy & @bradwilliamscomic!

About Last Night - Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey returns, and it's been too long!! From TRUMP, to his days smoking pot, new impressions, Jay Leno stories, and an improvised fake movie trailer for "TRUMP PEE TAPE," this episode is an instant classic!! Enjoy, share, and follow the boys on Instagram @danacarvey, @alnpodcast, @adamraycomedy & @bradwilliamscomic!

About Last Night - Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy returns to the ALN podcast to talk about her college days, Adam's costume at her Holiday themed Western party, her love for her parents, and her new movie "LIFE OF THE PARTY," in theaters EVERYWHERE Today May 10th!! Always hilarious & always the sweetest, enjoy & share this episode!! And go see "LIFE OF THE PARTY!" Follow her on Instagram @melissamccarthy, @alnpodcast, @adamraycomedy & @bradwilliamscomic!

About Last Night - LIVE From The Comedy Store!

LIVE from The Comedy Store in Los Angeles, CA, the About Last Night podcast made Easter 2018 one you’ll never forget! Joined by Jim Jefferies, Adam Devine & the Easter Bunny, this episode has it all! From Jim’s travels to Amsterdam, to Devine’s USO tour for the troops, along with some improvised songs with Avery Pearson, this show became an instant classic! Subscribe to the show on @Itunes & follow everyone @thecomedystore, @jimjefferies, @ADAMDEVINE, @adamraycomedy, @funnybrad, @alnpodcast, @sandydanto & @averyfunny.

About Last Night - Melissa Villaseñor

The hilarious Melissa Villaseñor RETURNS to the podcast to talk about working on SNL and some great moments from the show, what it's like living in New York, stand-up, they play a round of "Celebrity Serenade", and a ton of other great topics! Enjoy this great episode and follow everybody on TWITTER @MelissaVComedy, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night - Jeff Garlin

The AMAZING Jeff Garlin returns to the podcast to talk about his recent trip to Disneyland, some experiences he's had on Curb Your Enthuthiasm, his stand up, losing his virginity to a heckler, what it takes to be successful, and his friend Jimmy Buffett chimes in throughout the podcast! Enjoy this great episode, be sure to watch Curb Your Enthuthiasm and The Goldbergs, and follow Jeff on INSTAGRAM @jeffgarlin! You can follow the rest of the show on TWITTER @AdamRayComedy, @Funnybrad, and @ALNPodcast!

About Last Night - Anders Holm

The great Anders Holm returns to the podcast to talk about his new NETFLIX movie "Game Over, Man", his days teaching swim, some things he's learned as a writer and actor, and share some crazy stuff that happened on the press tour for the his new movie! Watch "Game Over, Man" and his NBC show "Champions" and follow everybody on TWITTER @ders808, @AdamRayComedy, @FunnyBrad, and @ALNPodcast! Go and do something amazing today.

About Last Night - Josh Wolf

Adam is reunited with his buddy Josh Wolf, and shortly into the episode, are laughing hysterically when Adam's weird hiccup problem won't stop! They also discuss flying (and farting on airplanes), Josh's grandma, high school sports, body image issues, how mean kids can be when it comes to nicknames, share stories about animal experiences they've had, and a TON of other hilarious topics! Follow him on @JoshWolfComedy and follow the podcast @ALNPodcast, @AdamRayComedy and @FunnyBrad!