About Last Night - Davey Jones

Davey Jones is in the new Ghostbusters! While that is amazing, and his aunt Allison Jones, the biggest comedy casting director in Hollywood, is also amazing, he shares a story that will utterly change the way you think. You may laugh and cry in this episode, and you'll no doubt have a stronger appreciation for life. Go see Ghostbusters in theaters July 15th, and enjoy the insane journey that is this special episode! Follow Adam on TWITTER @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad, Davey @djbostonjones, & the pod @alnpodcast.

About Last Night - Aldis Hodge and Mike Jackson

Aldis Hodge has starred in Friday Night Lights, Leverage, Straight Outta Compton, and now is the lead on the WGN drama UNDERGROUND. His journey to LA is incredible. He shares some great stories about working with Tom Cruise and Lebron James, as well as his passion for designing watches. Mike Jackson, a producer of UNDERGROUND and producing partner with John Legend, also stops by to break down how they found the show, finding the right projects to produce, and how he met John Legend one magical night. Enjoy this episode and follow Aldis on TWITTER @AldisHodge, Mike @mikemjackson312, Adam @adamraycomedy, Brad @funnybrad & the podcast @alnpodcast.

About Last Night - Jonathan Kite

Jonathan Kite is about to shoot his first hour special at his High School in Chicago, and stops by to talk about workshopping material, developing new impressions, and prank calls Adam's favorite Thai restaurant in an epic fashion. Get tickets to see Jon's special & follow him on Twitter @jbkite. Follow Adam & Brad @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.

About Last Night - Cort McCown

Comedian and Actor Cort McCown makes his hilarious debut to talk about being an extra on Teen Wolf, going to Hugh Hefner's birthday party at the Playboy mansion, how he started comedy and his early days at The Comedy Store, his love of hockey and being a golf caddy. You won't want to miss this one! You should follow Cort on Twitter @cortmccown and check out his podcast 'Insensitivity Training'. You can follow Adam @adamraycomedy and Brad @funnybrad!

About Last Night - Brad & Adam

In this special episode, we break down how Brad's life is post SHOWTIME special, how he prepared his second hour, and we listen to some bonus footage that was recorded backstage at the Alex Theater with the boys and two-time ALN guest Barry Katz! Enjoy this bonus episode & follow the boys on TWITTER @adamraycomedy @funnybrad & @alnpodcast.

About Last Night - Kelsey Cook

Kelsey Cook makes her ALN debut with possible the craziest story you will ever hear. From Spokane, WA, to Hollywood, she's made a quick splash when she met Jim Norton, and he asked her to go on tour! She's sweet, she's funny, and her parents are world champion foosball players. Lotta laughs in this one, and a new career for you to follow. Enjoy this episode and follow Kelsey on TWITTER @kelseycook, Adam @adamraycomedy & Brad @funnybrad.

About Last Night - Ben Gleib

Ben Gleib returns to discuss another season of his GSN show "Idiot Test," as well as some hilarious and insightful political rants! Also, Adam's childhood buddy and music producer Steven Aguilar joins the boys for to share what it was like meeting 5th grade Adam Ray. This episode was recorded at the Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, CA and is jam packed with laughs from top to bottom. Enjoy it, and follow the gang on TWITTER @bengleib, @sjaguilar, @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad. And be sure to check out Ben Gleib's standup special "NEUROTIC GANGSTER" premiering June 3rd on SHOWTIME!

About Last Night - Tyler Spindel

Tyler Spindel is a standup comic turned Hollywood Director, and is taking the scene by storm! Directing sketches for Chelsea Lately, Nick Swardson's PRETEND TIME, scenes in GROWNUPS and THE LONGEST YARD, as well as Youtube Red's upcoming debut series, "SING IT," Tyler is quickly making name for himself. This episode is full of great stories. From his time at Harvard with Mark Zuckerberg, growing up with Adam Sanlder as an Uncle, to directing Bob Barker, and how he almost saw Adam Ray get arrested in San Diego, there are tons of laughs in this one, so enjoy. Check out Tyler's show "SING IT" on Youtube Red, and follow the boys on TWITTER @adamraycomedy & @funnybrad.

About Last Night - Jesse Joyce

Jesse Joyce is one of the sharpest & funniest comics in the biz! From writing for @Midnight, to how he met the late great Greg Giraldo and writing for the Comedy Central Roasts, to his fascination with taxidermy, to a story from the road that will make you cry with laughter, this episode has it all. Go see Jesse live, follow him on TWITTER @JesseJoyce, and enjoy the hell out of this one.

About Last Night - Marc Maron

Marc Maron is directly responsible for the ALN podcast existing. He pioneered a new medium and made it cool, popular, and fun for fans of comedy around the world. Marc doesn't do a lot of other podcasts, so we were beyond thrilled he came by and chatted with us for over 2 hours! From doing cocaine with Sam Kinison, to starting comedy in Boston, to how WTF came to be, to Obama, to season 4 of his show MARON on IFC, and why he was cut out of D2 MIGHTY DUCKS, we cover it all. Subscribe to the show on ITUNES, and enjoy the hell out of this conversation. Follow Marc on TWITTER @marcmaron, follow Adam @adamraycomedy & Brad @funnybrad.

About Last Night - Jimmy Carr

The great Jimmy Carr makes his ALN debut, and gives us all a reminder why he's still one of the best in the game! From small shows in the UK, to theaters across the globe, his deadpan delivery and quick one liners have made him not only a favorite among comics, but audiences everywhere. Enjoy this episode with a comedic genius, and check out his new NETFLIX special "Funny Business," available now. Follow Jimmy on TWITTER @JimmyCarr, Adam @adamraycomedy & Brad @funnybrad.

About Last Night - Brent Morin

Brent Morin returns for his 7th appearance, and again, it's amazing. We talk his life post NETFLIX special, a hilarious political tangent, and his buddy Zach pops in for an inspiring tale of being held up in a religious rehab facility. It'll make you smile, and probably cry, but you'll listen more than once. An instant classic, this episode delivers on every front. Enjoy it, and follow Brent on TWITTER @brentmorin.

About Last Night - Lamorne Morris

Lamorne Morris from NEW GIRL stops by to talk growing up in Chicago, his insane audition process for the role of Winston on NEW GIRL, hanging out with Prince, and how one commercial audition changed his life. He's one of the funniest dudes in the business, and is only going to get bigger. Enjoy this hilarious and insightful conversation, go see him in BARBERSHOP THE NEW CUT, watch NEW GIRL when it comes back Tuesday May 10th on FOX, and follow Lamorne on TWITTER @LamorneMorris.

About Last Night - Goo Goo Dolls

The GOO GOO DOLLS have been killing it for 20 plus years, and grinding in the music business for even longer. In this hilarious, in depth, raw and exclusive 90 minute interview, they touch on everything from touring in a van, to the forming of the band in Buffalo, to how their fans reacted to their style changing, to NAME putting them on the map, performing on Sesame Street, and how IRIS changed their lives. There are a lot of similarities to comedy & music, and we break it all down. Pick up their new album BOXES on May 6th, go see them live this summer, and follow them on TWITTER @googoodolls.

About Last Night - Eddie Berke

Eddie Berke has been bartending at The Hollywood Improv since 1979, and is a staple of one of the best comedy clubs in the world. Anyone who spends time there knows Eddie, and the warm, gracious, and friendly demeanor he always demonstrates towards customers and comics alike. Very few know Eddie's background before comedy, as well as the countless stories and experiences he's accumulated from being around comedy greats for 30 plus years. This interview will give you all of that. From Robin Williams, to Andy Kaufman, to Johnny Carson, to helping Nick Swardson fight off drunk fans, to his showbiz family, and his days in Harlem working as a Behavioral counselor, after this episode, you too will love Eddie Berke.

ALN - Hasan Minhaj

Hasan Minhaj joins us live from the Moontower Comedy Festival in Austin, TX, where he was performing his critically acclaimed one man show, "HOMECOMING KING." Hasan's one of those guys you root for, and can't help but want to be around. Charismatic, sharp, and honest, he's got the makeup for a great dude, and comedian. This episode is an instant ALN classic, as he candidly tells us about growing up without a Mom for the first 8 years of his life, to his struggles early on to fit in, to how debate/speech class changed his life, and his journey from Northern California to LA, and eventually to NYC for his current job on the "DAILY SHOW." This episode has it all, so enjoy it as much as we did. Please go see his live show "HOMECOMING KING," whenever you get the chance. It's one of the best live shows around, and follow Hasan on TWITTER @HasanMinhaj.